How Often Do You Need To Service Your Car?

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A problem that often occurs with customers, is knowing when their car need's serviced or how often they should get one. Unfortunately it's not a simple answer, but we can help you understand when it may be best for you to do so.

Car Servicing may seem like a lot of time and effort, but it is important as it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Sometimes the more a service is put off and avoided, even bigger problems can occur to you vehicle.

Below we have answered some frequently asked questions about car servicing for our customers.

When Should I Service My Car?

When you should service your car all depends on how often and what you use your car for. If you use your car for commuting, or are in a lot throughout the day your car may need serviced more frequently. It also depends on the make and model of the vehicle. It is advised though, that you get a Full Service every 12000 miles, or every 12 months, it depends what is sooner.

An Interim Service is advised in between full services for customers who are high mileage users, and for car/vehicle's that require frequent checks.

Why Do I Need My Car Serviced?

Every car needs serviced if you want it to be cost effective. If you wanted to save fuel cost's and increase your vehicle's time on the road you will need regular servicing.

Vehicle parts need replaced and checked, as over time & use they can wear down. Some parts need checked more that others, like oil & brake pads and others not so often, that is why there are different levels of servicing.

My Car Passed It's MOT, Do I Still Need A Service?

Long story short, yes. An MOT isn't the same as a service.

An MOT inspects safety, and does not repair/replace worn parts of your car. An MOT is mandatory every year and it checks if your vehicle is fit for the road.

A car service is meant to replace & repair parts of your vehicle which are worn, and also change oil etc. Replacing and repairing car parts ensures your vehicle will be able to stay on the road, and can help avoid more serious damage.

Our Car Servicing

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