Car Warning Lights

Palmeira Bodyworks and Servicing in Brighton & Hove are passionate about cars, and keeping yours in working order. When a warning light appears on your car, it's frustrating and worrying, but a lot of people don't do anything about it.

Why not to ignore Car Warning Lights

Only taking into consideration the Fuel Warning light, 827k cars breakdown every year from ignoring it. With many more warning lights, from your check engine light to the battery alert, it's important to not ignore them.

If one of your lights appear, the reason for many could vary. It could be a minor fault to a major problem, either way it needs looked into and fixed.

The last thing any driver wants, is for their car to breakdown and major repairs being needed. Its not efficient or cost effective. The longer you leave an issue like this, the harder, and more expensive it could be to fix.

Check Engine Light

Your engine management, or check engine light is one of the most common Car Warning Lights to appear. This could be a sensor issue or a part may need replaced etc, either way the issue needs to be addressed.

The five most common reason's for this light appearing are:

  • Replace Oxygen Sensor
  • Loose or faulty fuel cap
  • Replace Catalytic Converter 
  • Replace Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Replace Spark Plugs and Wires

These problems vary on time and expense to fix, but none of them should be ignored. Instead of just replacing parts though, your best option is to bring your car along to us, where we can use a code reader to find out the exact fault.

Common Warning Lights

The Oil Pressure Warning Light, Battery Charge Warning Light and Brake System Warning Light are among the most common warning lights.

The safest way, and to avoid any further damage, or accidents happening the best solution would be to take your car to get checked, and you can get help and advice on where to go from there.

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