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Going the extra mile for your bodywork repairs in Brighton and Hove.

Our team possess a winning combination of expertise, commitment, and wide-ranging experience. All staff have been trained to a high standard and undergo regular refresher training courses to ensure that we keep up to date on current industry standards for bodywork repairs in Brighton.

Three things every vehicle owner should know when choosing a garage or mechanic in Brighton:

1. Ask for recommendations first. All good mechanics will have a stream of recommendations to their name and will be happy to show you examples of their previous work on request. If they’re a good salesman but a lousy mechanic, they will find ways around any question ... except this one. So do make sure that you ask for recommendations!

2. It’s worth paying for an expert service. Any mechanic worth their salt will know that offering a first-class service is inseparable from a high level of expertise and top quality spare parts and equipment. Cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean best, and could even end up costing you more in the long term if you have to book repeat repair services.

3. Let your mechanic know your expectations. You should expect a certain standard from any kind of trade, product, or service. For bodywork repairs, this entails a high quality finish and a price that matches the quote. The team at Palmeira Bodyworks don’t think that’s too much to ask, and neither does our ever-expanding customer base in Brighton and Hove.

Contact our team today on 01273 418 110 for more information about the bodywork services we provide.

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